Reasons to start using the Innoseal® bagsealer :

  • Innoseal® is the most economical poly bagsealer system on the market today with a tamper-evident tape/paper seal: 6 professional bag closures for only 1 eurocent! This is significantly more economical than other locking systems such as the kwik lock, twist-ties or other locking systems. 
  • It's also the most environmentally friendly, easy to open, poly bag neck sealer system. Most other systems use tape that’s made of PVC which in the burning process causes a lot of carcinogens. Our system uses a natural based rubber solvent which reduces the impact on the environment. Our product closes your bags with better sealing and due to the closures being a lot smaller in mass than other closures it also reduces the amount of waste. Not to mention it saves a lot of space in your warehouse. A large box of refills with which you can make about 75,600 closures is only 45x13,5x16cm (l, b, h) and weighs only 4.5 kilo’s.
  • You seal your products. Because of the piece of paper, you and your customers can always see if the bag was opened before purchase. And because it seals the bag airtight you can also guarantee longer freshness of your products. The customers can reseal the bag and the seal is safe because the tape will stick to the bag and that way it’s less likely that it ends up between your food.
  • The system is very easy to use. The refill sets can only be placed in one way into the sealers so "child's play". And it saves a lot of time, because after placing a refill kit you can again make between 900 closures. Studies have shown that it works 50% faster than applying closure strips or kwik locks.
  • It is a closed system, significantly less dirt can penetrate into the system. This also makes it a sustainable system, as the innerside can hardly be touched by outside influences. It can even be cleaned in a dishwasher. The metal parts are stainless steel or galvanized steel. The housing is made of high impact-resistant plastic (very durable, will not break, crack or damage easily).
  • The refill kits are available with a color coding system using 7 different colors of paper. A worldwide set color for each day of the week. Another way to manage the freshness of your products.
  • Your customers will appreciate it when you use this system. No more struggling to open the bags closed with only tape. The bag can be opened with a simple twist and pull.
  • It is optional to process the name of your company in the closure on the paper rolls. For this option we advise you to contact us. At this moment it’s possible for a minimum of 126 boxes of large refills but in the near future we hope we can also offer you this in smaller volumes. 
  • Safe to use with food products. The closure will not accidentally interfere with the food and doesn't fall around as a potential intertesting object to baby's and little kids in case of nipping or swallowing
  • For your costumer; Innoseal® is the most easy to open tamper evident resealable bagseal!

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